Neil’s Chiltern Challenge 2017 – Ultra Marathon

Neil’s Chiltern Challenge – July 2017

What is an Ultra Marathon?

An Ultra Marathon is much more extreme than a marathon, in fact most runners will run the equivalent of two marathons a week and will enter a normal marathon race every three weeks just to train for it. Ultra Marathons are at least 8km further, cross country and runners have to carry their own supplies so they can be carrying enough food and water with them because there are limited water stops. On top of that Ultra Marathon runners can also look forward to chafing, stomach aches, hallucinations, blurred vision, cuts, bruises, hypothermia, mussel cramps, stress fractures and even losing the odd toe nail or two.

It’s obviously not for the faint hearted so you can imagine how pleased we were when friend and supplier to the BBA, Neil, asked if he could run on our behalf. Neil will be attempting The Chiltern Challenge on the Saturday 15th July 2017 so please show him your full support and donate to his JustGiving page by clicking on the button opposite.

We will of course be updating this story after the event to let you know how he got on.

Ultra Marathon Update – February 2018?

For those who were kind enough to support Neil running in the ultra marathon for the BBA last year, here are some details on how the race went and how Neil faired in the endurance event.

Support via JustGiving
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15 July 2017
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