The Barristers’ Benevolent Association was originally founded on 10th January 1873.

We are now a charitable company limited by guarantee which was incorporated in England and Wales on 11th November 2004, number 05284271. The company gained charitable status on 15th November 2004, registration number 1106768.

The company was established under a Memorandum of Association which sets out the objects and powers of the charitable company and is governed under its Articles of Association.

How our activities deliver public benefit

The Charity seeks to reach every practising barrister every year to ensure they are aware of the potential assistance available from the Association and to seek their financial support. This is primarily achieved through e-book circulation via our website. View past editions here.

The Barristers’ Benevolent Association also attends relevant conferences and seek publicity in professional magazines. Our web site includes information for both donors and potential beneficiaries and has a downloadable application form.

We also have a small team of volunteer Circuit Representatives who are able to make visits locally and publicise our work.

Grants range from small amounts of cash, regular food vouchers, payment of specific bills such as TV licences, car tax, telephone bills or the purchase of equipment or medicine not available from the NHS.

We do not undertake to pay school fees for children other than the occasional cases where the student is coming up to an important examination or there is some other compelling circumstance.

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Grants & Loans

Secured or Unsecured

Where an IVA or bankruptcy is the only answer then we can smooth the way with professional advice as well as practical and moral support.

The terminally ill have been enabled to spend their last days at home, their carers supported and occasionally given a last short break away for a family to make the most of their time together.

Each case is considered individually and on its own merits: the range of our assistance is limited only by the needs of our beneficiaries and our ability to pay.

If you are unfortunate enough to experience bad luck we will be here to help, whether you have supported us or not.

We hope you will bear us in mind, and help if you can.

We help to fund:

  • Specialist Nursing

  • Specialist Medical Equipment

  • Mobility Support

  • Respite care & services

  • Heating Allowances

  • Food Allowances

  • Therapy not covered on NHS

  • Other medically approved necessities

Extras which can make an important difference to someone’s life include:

  • Specialist computer equipment
  • Telephones
  • Televisions
  • Special chairs
  • Mobility technology
  • Wheelchair access
  • Accessible baths

Financial support from The BBA can include:

  • Regular grants to top up pensions

  • Top up benefit payments

  • Single parent families can get help with school uniforms, new clothes, a bus pass or a birthday treat.

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Help is always appreciated.

Read the kind words written by previous beneficiaries of The Barristers’ Benevolent Association by reviewing the content on our Case Studies page.


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Applications are on the increase and the demands on our funds are ever increasing. Only the profession can help its own charity. Please give as generously as you can.

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The BBA relies on generous voluntary donations from individual members, Chambers and others associated with the profession.

There are many ways in which you can help, detailed on our ‘Support Us’ page.