Application Criteria

Hopefully you will never be unfortunate enough to need our help but if you ever do The BBA will be here to help whether you have supported us or not.

Applications are welcomed from past or present practising members of the Bar, or a dependant, (including Judiciary) in England or Wales with a deserving financial need. To find out if  you are eligible to apply, please download, complete and send back the ‘Application Form’ form by clicking on the ‘Download Full Application Form’ button below.

Once your application enquiry has been approved you will be required to complete a full length application form disclosing all household income and expenditure, supply details of aged debt, earnings, investments and liabilities.

More information about your application to The Barrister’s Benevolent Association

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Most of our clients, for obvious reasons, prefer to remain anonymous. That’s why your donation is so important, you could be helping a colleague, friend or their dependants get the financial or emotional support they need and although hopefully you will never need us yourself if the worst was to happen we will be there to help you and your family through any difficulties you may have.

We believe that almost every member of the practicing Bar can afford to donate at least a sum equivalent to one hour of their charging rate without feeling any real difference. If you agree please support us by clicking on the JustGiving button opposite or by contacting Susan or Nicky through our contact page.

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