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Frequently Asked Questions

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How will I be helped?2023-11-06T13:57:07+00:00

If your application is successful, you may be offered a grant or a loan depending on your situation.

Loans can be offered as secured or unsecured depending on circumstances and the amount needed.

If a secured loan is offered, it is secured on your home and subject to interest at 1% above base rate. Withers LLP are appointed to carry out the legal work and their costs are added to the loan. Repayments can be made at any time. When a beneficiary is in a position to repay in full, Withers prepare a redemption statement calculating the interest payable.

Interest is charged to protect funds for future applicants.

Is my approach to the BBA confidential?2023-11-06T13:56:52+00:00

Yes, absolutely. Your application, and all information supplied, is treated confidentially, and will only be seen by our office staff and trustees, all of whom attach the highest importance to discretion and respecting confidentiality. We will not contact anyone about your case, or share any information about you, without your permission.

Will you approach the references requested on the application form?2023-11-06T13:56:42+00:00

We do not routinely contact the references provided. Should the committee ask for referees to be approached, you will be informed beforehand.

Who will see my application?2023-11-02T15:48:21+00:00

Initially the two BBA staff, Nicky and Annette. A report will then be included on the agenda for the next meeting and circulated to the BBA committee. A list of the Officers and Trustees can be viewed on our About Us page.

All information is handled respectfully and in the strictest confidence.

Can you help children?2023-11-02T15:47:46+00:00

Yes, we will consider helping children of beneficiaries. Please note that we don’t contribute towards school fees.

How do I apply?2023-11-02T13:48:04+00:00

We will need you to complete an application form. This can be completed via the website or downloaded from the website for completion and emailing to the office.

If you are unable to do either, you can contact the office to ask for a paper copy to be posted to you. Our trustees then consider each application at their next meeting; they meet regularly, at least 8 times a year.

If the application is deemed urgent, the report can be emailed to BBA Officers between meetings.

You will be notified of the outcome and/or asked to answer any further questions raised by the committee.

Learn more about the application process here.

How can I discuss my individual situation?2023-11-02T13:46:14+00:00

You can phone or email us on 020 7242 4761 or 020 7242 4764, and

You will be in contact with one of our two experienced, discreet, and sympathetic office staff.

What do you help with?2023-11-02T13:45:27+00:00

We will help in cases which, in the view of our trustees, are needy and deserving. That can include financial difficulties caused for a variety of reasons but will usually mean difficulties not of the applicant’s own making but due to circumstances beyond the individual’s control.

We are flexible in the way we provide financial assistance. Help may be provided through loans (which may be secured, if appropriate) or grants depending on circumstances.

Who does the BBA help?2023-11-02T13:45:15+00:00

The BBA considers financial assistance to past and present practising members of the Bar (including Judiciary) and their dependants. Under our constitution, any barrister who has had a paid brief, or their dependent, is eligible to seek our help. We are able to assist second or third six pupil barristers as long as they have held a paid brief.

We are not able to help law students.

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